Cook's Meadow - watercolor
Cook's Meadow in the Fall

Here are a few examples of the watercolors I've painted in Yosemite over the years. I am no landscape painter, I hasten to add! I consider myself primarily a portrait artist.  I usually don't have the proper "feel" to do effective landscapes. And I am not totally satisfied with these watercolors - but I think I can do a passable job painting Yosemite, because I love it so much.

Mirror Lake watercolor  Half Dome watercolor  Glacier Point watercolor
L-R: Mirror Lake, Half Dome in Yosemite Valley, Half Dome from Glacier Point

These watercolors are painted on "postcard" watercolor stock. They are postcard size, and if I had wished, I could have just addressed any of these postcards and mailed them! For traveling, I use a very compact watercolor set (Cotman Field Box) which I can take anywhere. It makes painting anywhere I go on location so much easier!

With these paintings, I certainly sometimes had to be resourceful when choosing a suitable spot to sit and paint. With Mirror Lake, I just sat in the sand by the Lake, and painted! I got a bit sandy, but who cares? The experience of doing the painting was the greatest reward.

On one of the last vacations I took with my late father, I was working on a painting of some redwoods. I was doing the painting on location, and I was taking far too long (I thought) to complete it. I apologized to my father for the delay. He said, "Oh, take all the time you want. I always wanted an excuse to just sit and enjoy the redwoods for a few hours!" That sentiment really stuck with me. It isn't just about doing the painting and getting out of there, or keeping to a schedule.  It's about enjoying the experience, absorbing the moment.  I never will forget that day, and the painting I did there is indeed precious to me.

Cook's Meadow Watercolor
Cook's Meadow in the Fall

I remember plopping myself down in the middle of Cook's Meadow to paint this particular watercolor. It usually takes me an hour or so to complete a painting.

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