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(Yeah...real exciting...)

March 25, 2005: I have had a Yosemite site on Earthlink since 1998, and I decided that it might be a good idea to mirror it here, just in case something happened to the EarthLink version. "JR's Yosemite" is the site that initially spawned Bearclover.net. It's gone though a whole lot of revisions, but at its core it's still the little site I created just a few months after I got my first computer, so I have sentimental feelings about it.

May 21, 2005: Some friends of mine have gotten involved in an online art gallery, IGI Art (International Art Inc.). They got me to sign up for a free membership and asked me to write an honest review of my impression of the artwork.

UPDATE: I took this review down, because my friends told me that IGI was getting pissy about anyone else creating web pages about the company. I now consider this company suspect. Phooey on them.

February 2, 2005: For the sad, pathetic Mac geek—I bought the recently introduced Mac Mini G4 Macintosh computer, and I do a "grand unveiling" (apparently a tradition among us Mac geeks). I included my cats in these pictures, just to add a little spice! February 12, 2005: Extending the Mac Mini Page, I did some benchmarks (speed comparisons) between the Mac Mini and my other computers. I also give opinions and recommendations for buying a Mac Mini.
June 2, 2003: Just made a new California Poppies page, to showcase my friend Ray Maynard's fabulous poppy and wildflower photos. June 13, 2004: Whoa! Has it really been so long since I worked on this site? Well, I finally did. The Photoshop Fun pages desperately needed updating.
March 10, 2003: New! Thanks to my insanely great Epson scanner, I am not able to make great graphics to be put on t-shirts. Check out my new and improved Cafe Press t-shirt store. There are Yosemite, California photography and even art t-shirts! May 5, 2003: Updated my Epson Perfection 3200 page, adding a new page. I offer additional information about the scanner, how to set it up to scan transparencies, and discuss some of the features of its bundled scanning software.
November 19, 2002: New! Beta Testing—Bearclover.net's Cafe Press Store. T-Shirts and post cards for sale with original Yosemite Photographs. March 8, 2003: Got yet another new scanner, the Epson Perfection 3200 (which was just released in the USA). I made a page which compares the previous model of this scanner (the Epson Perfection 2450) to the 3200. Interesting results, and some nice Yellowstone & Catalina photos as well! (Warning: the sample images are large—expect a download time of about a minute or two if you are on dial-up!)
May 12, 2002: Created a Pottery Book Recommendations page, and did various updates to the entire Photoshop section. (A new version of Photoshop has just been released!) February 13, 2002: After a long hiatus (working on other sites) I create a geeky page showing many web buttons. These graphic buttons are for webmasters to display on their pages. If you are a web design geek, check it out!

December 25, 2001: After all my recent experiences and activity dealing with web hosts, web domains, and web authoring, I decided I needed to write an article about it. Yeah, I know. A pretty pathetic thing to ramble about on Christmas Day. But what can I say? My Christmas is already shot, since I have to go to work (a double shift, even). Bah Humbug.

December 23, 2001: I am in the process of putting a search page on this site, with the help of Atomz.com. Let me know how it works!

December 16, 2001: My old web hosting plan, while being excellent, was getting a bit too cramped for all these photos I am putting on this site. So, I am switching web hosts. It has been an exciting upgrade for Bearclover.net, and will allow me to upload as many photos as possible, completely unfettered by disk space concerns!

If you are reading this update, the site has already been transferred to its new host.


December 14, 2001: Big news! (For me, at least). An ad agency working for Toyota is buying the rights to publish one of my Yosemite photos (for a year) for a Spanish-language print ad! This ad will appear in magazines for the next year, but I still retain rights to the photo (of course). The photo in question is my "El Capitan and the Merced River" picture, as seen on my main Yosemite Page. I'll show the tear sheets (printed samples) of the ad, when I get them.

The ad agency stumbled upon the photo while surfing (I assume) and decided they wanted to use it for their ad. This good fortune came completely out of the blue, and has been a wonderful blessing and surprise!

Inspired by this sale, I have decided I'd offer my photos as stock photography. I've gotten queries and requests regarding this for a while now. I guess I had better take the hint - so, I officially announce that Bearclover.net is in the stock photography biz!

December 10, 2001: I decided I needed to create another page with more information about getting started in pottery. This page gives specific information about working with pottery at home, and getting supplies (and getting work fired) at a local ceramics "hobby" shop.

It's a l-o-n-g page, so that it can be printed out (if you so desire). Lots of helpful information, including a diagram that explains ceramic firing temperatures!

December 8, 2001: I got a new scanner! This is a Big Deal for me. Most of the photos on this site are from recent photos that I get put on CD-ROM. Pre-scanned and quite good in quality from the get-go. And I have a lot of these CDs - many that I still need to make web-ready. But the sad thing is, I have even more slides, prints and negatives (from before the photo CD era). All begging to be put on this site. And I finally got a scanner that is up to the job!

So - why am I rambling about this? I put up a "New Scans" page - a sneak peek of some of the images that will be presented in my photos pages in the weeks to come. The pictures will most likely change from time to time, as I scan new images. At least a 40 second download wait on slower connections.

December 6, 2001: Finally got around to editing some more pictures from my vast photo collection. I have two new California Photos pages - pictures taken of Cambria, and Carmel, up California coastal Hwy. One.

Also, I am starting my Disney's California Adventure pages - just two pages so far, more to come as photos are edited. California Adventure is a new theme park, next door to Disneyland.

November 24, 2001: Made a Color Correction tutorial for my Photoshop Fun! section. I show how I fixed up a rather wretched picture taken at Disney's California Adventure. Screenshots are shown, as I go step-by-step through the digital correction process. This page is full of illustrations, so it's a slightly longer download - between 30-45 seconds on a slower connection.

November 18, 2001: A visitor to this site shared a wonderful poem about redwoods with me. The poet, Chantal Bruce, and her mother, Roberta, graciously allowed me to put the poem on this site. So, I made a little web page and special graphic to show it off.

Beware, the graphic is large (134 Kb) so it will take between 20-40 seconds to download on a slower connection.

November 12, 2001: I decided to try Dreamweaver's "Photo Album" function. (Dreamweaver is the program I use to create this site.) I make two little "Yosemite Photo Albums", (Album I and Album II) with photos from Glacier Point, Mariposa Grove, Merced River, and Tuolumne Meadows.

The larger photos in the photo albums have rather big file sizes (to keep the photo quality as high as possible). So, if you have a slower Internet connection, prepare to wait a bit longer to download!

November 5, 2001: Big news! (For me, anyway...) I got a new iMac (500 MHz G3, 768 megs of RAM, not that you asked). This means I can update and edit this site much quicker. (No quitting Dreamweaver, opening Photoshop, then quitting Photoshop, opening Dreamweaver...) The old iMac, wonderful as it was, just wasn't cutting it anymore.

So, inspired by the lightening speed of this fabulous new machine, I have added three new Yosemite Photos pages. Page 4, page 5, page 6. Includes several Glacier Point photos, some good Tenaya Lake pictures, among a variety of other Yosemite pics.

September 16-19, 2001: Started an "America the Beautiful" section. I had planned to showcase the photos I have taken in other parts of the USA anyway. It seemed like the recent events of September 11th gave me the impetus to start working on it sooner. Page One of this section has photos from Hawaii, and Yellowstone. I have two pages of "Patriotic Desktop Wallpaper". These are scenic images with a patriotic theme. Includes Yosemite Wallpaper.

Busy day! September 4, 2001: Added a new California Photos Page, with photos from Highway One, and Mendocino. Lots of seashore pictures.

Created a California Poppy Photos Page, with photos taken at Gorman, California.

Added two new Black and White Yosemite photos pages. (Page 2 and Page 3, the new B&W photos pages.)

August 23, 2001: Added a new pottery page, with more photos of my ceramics. Also did some minor updates (and changed a photo) on my main pottery page.

August 12-13, 2001: Started a Sequoia Photos section. Two pages so far.

Made the Salvation Mountain pages, which show this incredible example of folk art in the California desert. Two pages.

Added a Hwy 101 Travel Diary page. Notes from my 1998 road trip.

August 11, 2001: Added two new pages to the Yosemite 2001 photos section.

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