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Just a list of the stuff that's here. (Pretty boring!)
Yosemite Photos

Yosemite Main Page.

Visiting Yosemite.

More of Yosemite - More photos.

Yet even more Yosemite Photos -  Even more.

More more more Yosemite Photos - see a pattern here?

Yosemite Photos Page 4 - I have ceased trying to be creative when naming these pages. There are just too many.

Yosemite Photos Page 5

Yosemite Photos Page 6

Yosemite Photo Album I - with pictures from Glacier Point, and Mariposa Grove.

Yosemite Photo Album II - with photos from Tuolumne Meadows, Glacier Point, and the Merced River.

Yosemite Archived Photos

"JR's Yosemite" - "Mirror" site of my first Yosemite site (on EarthLink). I'm glad to have a copy of it here.

Yosemite in Black and White

B&W Yosemite Page 2

B&W Yosemite Page 3

Yosemite 2001

Yosemite 2001 - pg. 2

Yosemite 2001 - pg. 3

Yosemite Wallpaper

My Yosemite Watercolors - Painted on location.

More Yosemite Watercolors


California Photos

Calif. Photo Main Page - Highway 1.

More California Photos - Mendocino, etc.

California Photos page Two - More Mendocino, photos up Highway One.

CA Photos Page Three - Cambria seashore photos.

CA Photos Page Four - Carmel, Calif. pictures.

The Salton Sea - In CA desert.

California Poppy Page - The State flower. Photos taken at Gorman, California.

Sequoia Photos Page 1

Sequoia Photos Page 2

Salvation Mountain Page 1

Salvation Mountain Page 2

Disney's California Adventure Page 1 - New theme park next door to Disneyland.

CA Adventure Page 2


Travel Diary

California Road Trip

Yosemite Road Trip Day 1

Yosemite Road Trip Day 2

Yosemite Road Trip Day 3

Yosemite Road Trip Day 4

Tribute to my car - my faithful chariot for my many road trips.

Hwy 101 - 1998 - Travel Diary


Pottery and Ceramics

Pottery Main Page
- earthenware & stoneware.

More Pottery photos - more pictures of my ceramics.

Pottery Techniques and Info - clay, glazes.

Pottery for Newbies - some help if you are just starting out.

Starting with pottery at home. Information about setting up a "pottery studio" at home. Also, going to the "hobby ceramics" shop to buy supplies, and to get your pottery fired.

Pottery Book Recommendations - Some good books for the potter.


Portrait Art

Art Main Page.

Photoshop Portrait Art Tutorial.

Some tips and advice - for "newbie" portrait artists.

More Portrait Art - pencil, watercolor, digital


Photoshop Fun!

Photoshop Fun Page 1 - fun special effects.

Photoshop Fun Page 2 - putting someone on a different background with Photoshop.

Photoshop Fun Page 3 - doing horrible things to a picture of Half Dome.

Color Correction: I fix up a rather wretched photo.

Fun with Photoshop Text - great text effects!

Photoshop Newbie Page 1 - Book recommendations

Photoshop Newbie Page 2 - Links, buying info, Mac vs. PC.

Photoshop Book Reviews


America the Beautiful

Main page

Photos Page One - photos from Hawaii, USS Arizona, and Yellowstone National Park.

Patriotic Wallpaper - Scenic wallpaper. Yosemite, etc.

Patriotic Wallpaper - Page 2.

Patriotic Wallpaper - Page 3.




Awards - Who would have thought? I actually got some awards?!?

My El Capitan Award Program - I decided to give out my own awards.

Articles (things that don't belong anywhere else)

Articles Home Page

Web Authoring Ramblings

Web Buttons - for webmasters to display on their pages.

Misc. Pages

Bearclover.net Search | Disclaimer | - Simple and advanced search.

Privacy Policy - you're safe with me!

Feedback Form and Questionnaire - Come on! Spill your guts!

My dad's picture.  He started it all - he took us all to Yosemite when I was a kid. He paid for art school.

What's New - listing of latest updates on Bearclover.net.

Home Page.

New Scans - a sneak peek at some of the photos I am currently working on.

The Epson Perfection 2450 vs. 3200 - I compare how well these two fine flatbed scanners do with scanning in some Kodachrome slides. (Warning—lots of graphics on page, 1 - 2 minute download on dial-up!)

Opening the box of the Mac Mini computer, step-by-step—including pictures of orange cats - for the sad pathetic Mac geek. You have been warned.

Mac Mini vs. My Other Computers: Benchmark speed comparisons between the Mac Mini and my other Mac and PC systems. Very geeky.

Terms of Use - Stock Photography - I am selling limited use of my photographs. If you want to use any of my photos as stock photography, please read this page.

License agreement - all about the use of these photographs.

Yosemite Intro Page.

California Photography Intro Page.

Portrait Art Intro Page.

Pottery Intro Page.

Portrait Art  Yosemite Photos

California Photos Pottery and Ceramics

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