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Stoneware Leaf Mug

Stoneware mug - with leaf pattern painted onwith underglaze "watercolors" (oxides). (This photo is also on my pottery site.)

Green Leaf Earthenware bowl

Earthenware bowl - using the "sgrafitto" technique of scratching into the clay or underglaze. I used simple commercial Duncan underglazes to paint this leaf design on the red lowfire bisque bowl. I then used the sgrafitto technique, to get an unusual effect.

Welcome to my pottery page!  I have been making pottery for quite a while now.  I usually make my ceramics on the potter's wheel, in either stoneware or earthenware.  I then decorate the surface of my pottery with colorful oxides and glazes. All my pottery is food-safe, using lead-free glazes, and can be washed in the dishwasher. I like to create pottery that is not only decorative, but comfortable for everyday use. I only own handmade pottery at home. Nothing is quite as wonderful as eating dinner out of a handmade plate or bowl!

Stoneware cowboy mug
  blue stoneware cop, floral design  Cobalt Blue earthenware cup

I use stoneware and earthenware clays for my pottery. Earthenware ("lowfire") allows for more brilliant decoration colors and glazes, but it is less durable. Stoneware ("highfire") is far more suitable for everyday use, but it is more difficult to keep the bright colors that I enjoy using.

However, new formulations of underglazes and glazes are coming out all the time, which will retain their color in high stoneware firings. This is wonderful news for me! The examples shown directly above show how stoneware can be quite colorful! The cowboy mug and blue floral cup are stoneware. They were all fired to midrange stoneware, in an electric kiln (oxidation). The Cobalt blue floral cup on the right is earthenware - but the technique I used (Cobalt blue on white clay) is especially suited for highfire as well.

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I prefer Laguna Ceramic Products - their stoneware glazes, underglazes, and clays are just superb.  With the exception of their colored lowfire glazes, I don't like their earthenware line very much.   The earthenware clays don't work well for wheel work, and last I checked, the clear lowfire glaze wasn't that clear after all!  (But they may have changed their glaze formula recently).

Stoneware leaf bowl
Stoneware floral leaf bowl


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