Photographs of the Salton Sea, in California desert. May 2001

Salton Sea on windy day

You wouldn't guess this scene is actually out in the middle of the desert, would you? But it is! The Salton Sea is out in the middle of the California desert, not too far from Palm Springs and Twenty-Nine Palms.

In May 2001 I was able to attend a very fun camping get-together at the Salton Sea. My old friend Randy has started a new tradition of setting up a very elaborate and ornate camping area, and then he invites all his friends. He's a fabulous host and it's an absolute hoot to stay with him! I've never seen such a beautiful camping area. Camping with Randy is quite a memorable experience. Also, considering how flamboyant Randy's campsite looked, I suspect that our neighboring campers won't forget him soon either!

I only stayed at the Salton Sea get-together overnight, but Randy had the camp set up for about a week, and his guests would come and go. When I was there, it was rather hot in the day, and yet it rained that night! (Just a sprinkle). Very unusual, since it supposedly only rains twice a year in this desert area.

Randy's Salton Sea campsite
  A desert palace on the Salton Sea!

Here are some examples of Randy's camp site handiwork. A desert palace, I think! He wanted his camping site to look a little different, and I certainly think he succeeded. It was truly an ornate and lovely camping site! We all had a blast! Lots of friendly and interesting people came to camp out. And plenty of good food was available (everyone relied heavily on Trader Joe's products, always a good choice).

Salton Sea on Windy day

Photo taken along the North Shore of the Salton Sea. It was exceptionally windy that day, and the waves crashed up on the shore as if it were an ocean!

Randy was more familiar with the Salton Sea than many of the rest of us, and he was pretty amazed at how strongly the wind was blowing the waves on this particular afternoon. He considered such wind to be pretty rare.  Therefore, I feel very fortunate that I got some of the dramatic photos that I did!

Salton Sea at Sunset

Just as the sun set, we all walked over to the North Shore (not too far from our camping site) and admired the Salton Sea. We were in an area that gets a lot of fishermen during the weekend. The Salton Sea is apparently an excellent place to fish. But when this photo was taken, no fishermen were around. It was a lovely, solitary experience.

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