Poppies! California Poppy pictures - photos of Calif.'s State Flower in Gorman, CA.
Poppies!  California Poppy Pictures

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Gorman - Poppies in May
Rolling hills in Gorman - poppies and lupins

California Poppies
Poppies - detail

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On my way up to Yosemite in May 2001, I passed by Gorman, California. Gorman is a small town along the 5 freeway (Golden State Freeway), about an hour north of Glendale, California. (Glendale is a suburb of Los Angeles.) It was May, and usually the wildflowers that cover the hills are gone. Their best months are March or April. But, when I took these pictures, some poppies remained, showing a bit of what their splendor must have been a few months before!

I wasn't the only "latecomer" who decided to stop and take pictures of these poppies! Californians are known for being quite in love with our State flower - we visit the fields of wildflowers that blanket the hills each Spring, and take copious photos. (Well, at least everyone in my family takes copious photos!)

Field of poppies in Gorman, California
Hills above Gorman - California poppies
Detail of California Poppies, Gorman, Calif.
Another detail - the California Poppy
Hills blanketed with poppies in Gorman, California
Rolling hills, blanketed with bright yellow poppies.

Poppies and Lupins, in a bunch, in a bunch
Poppies and lupins, (in a bunch, in a bunch!).

New! Check out my friend Ray Maynard's fabulous poppy photos!

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