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Near Albion CA
The seaside near Albion, CA
Yet another Cambria scene!
Near Cambria California, up Highway One

Another scene near Cambria
Just another lovely coastal picture!

California Photography - Highway 101, Highway One, and more!

Northern and Southern California

Welcome to my California Coast page! I originally wanted it to be all about Highway 101, but so many of my pictures were taken on Highway One as well.  So I guess this page is mainly about pretty California photography!

I have been taking an annual jaunt up Hwy 101 (and Highway One) for several years now. I guess I just keep on doing it over again because I want to get it right!  My trip takes me from each border (almost) of California - San Diego to Arcata. With many stops along the way.

Even though I love (and look forward to) my Hwy One and Highway 101 trips, I also like to go elsewhere in California. So I've added Salton Sea and Sequoia photography pages too. And, since I didn't know where else they would belong, I'm putting my Disney's California Adventure photos here too.

Cambria CA
Another shot near Cambria

Ocean scene near Albion
Another picture taken near Albion!

Flower Pots in Carmel, CA
Some flower pots outside a shop in Carmel, CA


Please note: Many of these pictures are digitally watermarked.  Any unathorized use of these photos is not permitted, and will be detected by me! Feel free to use any of these images as wallpaper for your computer, but please note that these photos are also available as stock photography. Please read my terms of use page for more details!

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