Disney's California Adventure - photos taken inside the park.Disney's California Adventure

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Hollywood Pictures Backlot
Some shops in the section of California Adventure called "Hollywood Pictures Backlot".

"Fake" backdrop in Hollywood Pictures Backlot.

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I am a longtime fan of Disneyland, having grown up visiting this charming amusement Park. Such wonderful childhood memories I have of Disneyland! It seems like I know every nook and cranny of it! So, when I visited California Adventure in May, 2001, it was weird to see something completely new sprouted up where the old Disneyland parking lot was supposed to be. This big change in Disneyland took some adjusting!

Once I got inside California Adventure, I knew - this was just another extension of Disneyland! I really loved it. Of course, it is a new park, and kind of small. But - that's how it always is. Disneyland wasn't always as large and extended as it is now. It has grown and evolved over the years. I know that California Adventure will grow and evolve too. I really loved it, and felt that it possesses the same amount of imagination and attention to detail as the original Disneyland.

Right now I mostly have photos from the "Hollywood Pictures Backlot" section of California Adventure on these pages. I'll be publishing more pictures of the rest of the park soon. (Well, more like "eventually"!)

Hollywood Pictures Backlot entrance
Entrance (as seen from behind) of Hollywood Pictures Backlot.
"Gone with the Chin"
One of the many enchanting details showing the typical "Disney-esque" sense of humor - a plastic surgery office called "Gone with the Chin". ("Dr. Nipantuck" - "We'll Never Tell".)
Ben Hair Hair Salon Window
Hollywood Pictures Backlot's hair salon is called "Ben Hair". ("An Epic Salon".)

Main street Hwd. Backlot
Looking down the main street of Hollywood Pictures Backlot.

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