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My California Road Trip for Spring 2001

On the road with a camera and a crappy laptop...

Wawona Tunnel ViewThis is my "on the road" web page, which I am using as sort of an online diary for my spring trip.  I suspect this traveling diary will be of most interest to people who are planning on making a simular trip themselves. Therefore, I am giving driving times, distances, travel tips, etc.  I hope this will make this online travel diary a little more valuable than if I just rambled on and on about what I did and where I went. (Which, I might add, I still intend to do - but at least I hope to impart some useful information along the way!) I will be traveling to Yosemite National Park for a few days, and then to Sequoia National Park, for a quick visit.

I am bringing my old trusty Pentium 100 laptop with me. I love it, but it is, well, a crappy laptop after all! My laptop has only 16 megs of RAM, and as with most laptops, doesn't have the best screen for working with Photoshop.  However, I have Photoshop 4 installed anyway. It's an older version, but it'll do just fine. I also have the oldie but goodie, HomeSite 3 installed, for editing my web pages. So, I'm all set, with my crappy laptop and vintage software! Some of this travel diary will be spruced up and edited at home the with my "big" computer, but the "meat" of this diary has been created on the road, using the crappy laptop. (I explain this in case you're wondering why some of these travel diary pages have a different "look" compared to the rest of the

Please note: Many of the photos on this travel diary are either from photos I have taken on previous trips, or were taken on my crappy digital camera. On this latest trip, I took pictures with my cheepie digital camera, along with my "real" camera, an old Olympus SLR. I am still waiting for most of my SLR camera photos to be developed, and thought the digital camera pics might be fun to use for now!

Well, on to the road trip!

My Yosemite Road trip.

Hwy. 101 Travel Diary - 1998 - Travel notes from my 1998 trip. A "reprint" from my Geocities site. I thought it should be here too.

I am pathetic. I have made a tribute page to my car. But anyone who has driven their car on a lot of road trips (like I have) can probably identify with my attachment to such a good and faithful car. Even if it is merely a humble Dodge Colt!

A visitor to this site shared a poem about redwoods with me. The poet, Chantal Bruce, is a grade 12 student in Cranbrook, BC. She and her mother, Roberta, graciously gave me permission to publish this delightful poem on this site. So, I have made a little web page to showcase her poem. I used a photo I took on one of my trips through the Avenue of the Giants for the graphic. Be warned, the graphic on this page is large - expect a 20 - 40 second download if you have a slower connection!


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