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Many thanks to all the considerate people who gave me these awards.

I also have my awards listed on a simple links page.
Ozz Gold award

"I have reviewed your site '' in accordance with the criteria for this program.

I was very much impressed with the quality of your site and I could see that a great deal of time, creativity, and effort went into it. Your site received the points required to receive a GOLD OZZ. Your photography and creativeness along with your sections on pottery and art and the tutorials you provide make this site an interesting and resourceful place to visit."

Thanks so much, Paul! This is my first award, and I am so gratified, and honored.

Val's World Silver Award

"I have reviewed your site and it is with pleasure I am sending you Val's Silver Award.

The photos were very good, the site in general was well laid out and presented."

Thanks Lorri. It means a lot!

Bronze Mitch

"Your site won bronze award. Your site is with high quality distinguishing features so you win this valuable title..."

Thanks so much! I am most gratified to receive this award.

ALOHA AWARD - Click here to nominate a site!7/17/01

"All of us agreed that you truly do have a interesting web site with quality content and design.
The Aloha Award is not an easy award to win. That is why this award is seen so infrequently."

Thanks so much! It is an honor, and a beautiful award.

1 Simple Guide7/19/01

Your site "" has been reviewed by all our judges & we are
proud to reward you with our 1 Simple Guide's Bronze Award!"

I am really pleased to get this award. Thank you very much.

Kilgore's  Award of Excellence7/20/01

"Thank-You For Applying For My Award!"

Thank you so much, Killgore. I really appreciate the award!