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El Capitan Web Page Awards: Overview

Please note: Awards have been discontinued until further notice! I apologize for this; I realized that I just wasn't giving this awards program the attention it deserved, so rather than do a half-hearted job of it, I am suspending it for now.

Welcome to my web awards program! I decided to name my award the "El Capitan Award", because of my love for Yosemite. "El Capitan" has sort of a majestic sound, doesn't it?

I am an artist who also loves web design. I have authored several web pages over the last few years - mostly about my favorite subjects: Yosemite, pottery and art! I don't pretend to be an expert about web authoring, just an enthusiast. I started this award partly to encourage other web authors. I have received much encouragement and feedback from other web site award-givers. So, I thought I would offer some encouragement of my own, through this award!

I don't intend to be super-picky when judging web sites. However, there's got to be some sort of standard applied. A certain amount of workmanship and care should be expected. If I have no standards in giving this award, then everyone would qualify, and that would render this whole award thing meaningless!

My main interest is content. Strong content is very important. I really enjoy seeing pages that show the web author's passions and interests. I'd value a visually plain and bland-looking site (but with great content) more than a "glitzy" site with little content. Design and navigation are also important in a site, because these factors can make it easier for the visitor to see and appreciate the...content!

However, I value beautiful web design very much as well. It's what I strive for myself. (Don't we all?) So I will give more points to sites that balance beauty and content. But I would never disqualify a "plain" looking site, merely because it was plain.

Due to time constraints, I will only accept award applications for the first 20 days of each month. (Jan 1 - 20, Feb. 1 - 20, and so on.) And I will take up to 60 days after applications are received to present any awards.

I will only accept upgrade applications after 4 months of the original application. I will not consider any applicant's site if they apply for my award more than every four months. So please, keep track of which awards programs you have applied for, so you do not keep reapplying to the same award programs.

Please note: there are TWO criteria pages that I expect you to read before applying for this award. Please go to the first Criteria Page >>

See the award graphics and read award descriptions >>

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