"V" oil painting by J.R. Dunster
"V" oil painting.
From the old science fiction series.

Bill in Alkyds
My friend Bill,
Painted with alkyds, on canvas.

Portrait Art - Digital and traditional

I've done my fair share of struggling with portraits. I started to become interested in drawing faces when I was a young teenager. I had no formal classes, or anything to help guide me - mostly dumb luck, and the library. (When I was a young teenager, my parents finally had pity on me and got me some excellent lessons with Southern California artist Shirlee Prescott Morgan.) Later on, I went to Otis Art College in Los Angeles, which was a wonderful experience.

Because of my struggles, I feel some gratification in writing a tutorial about drawing better portraits.  I have a full-fledged Portrait Art Tutorial site now, but I also am happy to provide some portrait tips on Bearclover.net. I will be adding new portrait-related content from time to time.

I have a nice new Wacom Graphire II USB digital tablet.  It's quite wonderful. I can draw on my computer!  It's really an amazing thing, especially when you use a premier graphics program like Photoshop or Corel Painter.  I do not think that every artist will want to use digital tablets and make artwork on their computers, however.  But it is great if you have a computer geek sensibility.


Woman in Teal - digital art       Digital Cowboy      Ruby - acrylics painting by J.R. Dunster      Male Face

(Thumbnail images - L-R:  "Lady in Teal", painted with Photoshop. "Digital Cowboy" - also using Photoshop. "Ruby", an acrylics painting on canvas. "Male Face", painted in Adobe Illustrator, finished in Photoshop). See a Flash version of "Male Face". (You can zoom into the picture, and see all the weird shapes that I used in Illustrator to create the portrait.)

All these images are drawn freehand. I never trace, and I don't need any mechanical or digital assistance to help me draw accurately. I just like to draw! "Bill" was painted from life, "V" was painted while looking at a photo for reference. All other portraits on this page were just made up, from my imagination. I find that a lot of practice will really hone my drawing skill, and speed!

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Portrait-artist.orgMy new portrait art site, portrait-artist.org. Portrait art and drawing tutorials, tutorials on color, figure drawing, digital portrait art, and more!

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