As nice as Yosemite-related web sites are, they can't replace books. There's a special feeling you get from actually having a book in your hands. Even the most sublime web site can't simulate that.

What can be better than seeing a lot of Yosemite books in your library, being able to look at your Yosemite calendar every day, or viewing a Yosemite DVD or video? (Well, actually, being in Yosemite is better!) Fortunately, there are some good Yosemite-related publications out there! I'll discuss them here...

Yosemite Photo Secrets - I own this book, it has been very helpful. I recommend it especially if you've never visited Yosemite before, or haven't been there in a long time. (Look for this book on

2002 Yosemite National Park Calendar - I get several Yosemite Calendars a year. I'm not sure which one this is, but I've never seen a bad Yosemite Calendar! I always save them after the year has past, just to admire the fabulous photography.

Phil Frank's The Yosemite Handbook : An Insider's Guide to the Park - Oh, this is a great book. A wonderful introduction to Yosemite. Bring it with you when you go to the Park, but read it now so you can be prepared for your trip. By the way, Phil Frank also creates the charming cartoons (about the Yosemite Bears) that have been seen on Yosemite Concessions paper cups, etc. His book of cartoons ("Fur and Loafing") is an utter delight. (Look for this book on

Fur and Loafing in Yosemite : A Collection of Farley Cartoons Set in Yosemite National Park - Well, what do you know? Here is is! Phil Frank's fantastic collection of cartoons. A must-have for any Yosemite fan. I savored every page of it.

Ansel Adams - Yosemite and the High Sierra - I've just ordered this book. You can never have enough Ansel Adams books! (Look for this book on

Discovering Yosemite National Park - VHS - I have a vast collection of Yosemite videos. I'm pretty sure I have this one. I've never encountered a Yosemite video that I didn't like, so consider this a must-have. (Another good Yosemite video on

Yosemite National Park - DVD - I don't have a DVD player (yet) but I hope to view this DVD eventually! It sounds wonderful.

National Geographic Yosemite book - National Geographic's take on beautiful Yosemite National Park. (Look for this book on

Complete Guide to Yosemite - Yeah, I've got this one. Another must-have. It covers so much about Yosemite. Bring it with you when you visit the Park. (Look for this book on

Above Yosemite - Another must-have. A nice oversized book with all aerial views of Yosemite. Beautiful and different. I'm so glad I have it.

Hiking Yosemite National Park (FalconGuide) - I'm not much of a hiker, but I've seen this book around a lot, so I have a feeling it's a "must have" for hiker-types. (Look for this book on

50 Best Short Hikes in Yosemite and Sequoia/Kings Canyon - Another popular book for Yosemite hikers.

Map and Guide to Yosemite Valley - Well, you've got to have a map! (Look for this book on

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