Wawona Tunnel View
Wawona Tunnel View
Wawona Tunnel View - it was a bit of a trick to paint this. There isn't much space to sit and paint from this spot! It is the first place people stop when they arrive at the Park from the South (Hwy 41). It is a stunning view. I remember perching myself somewhere to do the painting, though. (I was pretty determined).
Tenaya Lake Watercolor
Tenaya Lake
Gates to the Valley Watercolor
Gates to the Valley

When I painted Tenaya Lake, it was rather cold! I didn't bring much of a jacket with me. I painted this in May, and apparently they had just opened up Tuolumne Meadows for the season. It was still pretty chilly up there, with lots of snow still melting. Sometimes the light was rather bleak, so I think this watercolor ended up a little "gloomy" looking.

When I painted The Gates to the Valley, it was threatening to rain! In fact, it did get rather misty (I took the picture "Moody El Capitan" when it started to drizzle a little). So, this painting takes on a rather "moody" look as well!

Yosemite Valley Watercolor
Fall in Yosemite Valley
Tuolumne Meadows Watercolor
Tuolumne Meadows in May

I painted Yosemite Valley in the Fall in the early '90s, after being absent from Yosemite for too long (several years). I was so delighted with Yosemite's beauty, it was hard to contain myself - I was stopping everywhere, and trying to paint everything! I am fond of this painting because it reminds me of that especially lovely visit.

The Tuolumne Meadows painting was done the same day as the Tenaya Lake painting. However, when I painted in Tuolumne, it was quite sunny. I worried that I'd get a sunburn! (I didn't get much of one).

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