My Yosemite Photo Archives

A collection of images gleaned from my other web sites.

I have a LOT of Yosemite photos scattered all over the Internet, (on Geocities, etc.). Some of these other web sites have kind of gone stale. I decided I needed a central archive for all my Yosemite pictures, so I put 'em up here!  I spruced them up a little with Photoshop (not that I could do much - some of these images are the victims of bad scans).  So if you find some pictures here that look familiar, there is a reason why! You probably saw them on one of my older sites.

Be warned - this is a large page, with LOTS of pictures. It should take less than a minute to download, on a 33.6 connection.

Bridalveil Falls   Tuolumne Bridge   Baby Tree   Yosemite Lodge
L-R: Bridalveil Falls, Tuolumne Meadows, "Baby Tree" near Ansel Adams Gallery, view near Yosemite Lodge

Fat Squirrel     Trees - Half Dome  Adams Gallery   Wawona Tunnel View  Fall trees
L-R: Fat squirrel mooches food (or tries to), Half Dome as seen though trees near Yosemite Lodge. Center: Ansel Adams Gallery, scene from Wawona Tunnel view, trees in the Fall.

Mirror Lake  Moody Half Dome  Redwoods
L-R: Mirror Lake (I think), Half Dome, redwoods.

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Merced River   Half Dome reflected in Mirror Lake   Merced River
Left: Merced River, Center: No, it isn't upside down.
Half Dome reflected in Mirror Lake. Right: Reflections on Merced River. (This was re-scanned - it definitely looks better than before!)


Mirror Lake   Road to high Country   Fall, Cook's Meadow   Wawona Tunnel View
L-R: Mirror Lake, Road to High Country, Sentinel Rock in Fall, and yes, my sister does have purple hair, and yes, she is at the Wawona Tunnel View.

The fattest squirrel I've ever seen  Sun Filtering through trees   Tenaya Lake, again   Tenaya Lake 
L-R: Fat mooch of a squirrel, sun filtering through trees, two views of Tenaya Lake.

You can see a "mirror" site of my first Yosemite & California pictures site (made on my EarthLink web space back in 1998) here: "JR's Yosemite."

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I know that I need to unearth the original photos and re-scan them. But, as you probably have already figured out, I have a lot of photos! And, alas, I'm not the best at organization. But sooner or later, I'll update all these images.

Please note: Many of these pictures are digitally watermarked.  Any unathorized use of these photos is not permitted, and will be detected by me! Feel free to use any of these images as wallpaper for your computer, but please note that many of these photos are also available as stock photography. Please read my terms of use page for more details!

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Last updated March 25, 2005

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