Yosemite National Park Photography - May 2001. Photos of El Capitan, Merced River, Yosemite Falls, etc.

Yosemite 2001

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El Capitan and Merced
El Capitan, taken from the "Gates of the Valley" viewpoint. The Merced River is in the foreground

I have returned from my 2001 Yosemite trip, which I took in mid-May, 2001. I took many rolls of film, and it is rather overwhelming going through them all! I am still finding new photos to publish on this site.

Yosemite was just gorgeous in May. The waterfalls were very full, and flowers were in bloom. The Dogwoods were also in bloom, which was a wonderful treat. I didn't know if they'd still be in bloom in May - I'm used to seeing them in April.

I was able to go to Tuolumne Meadows, since (much to my amazement) the road leading to it was open as well! (Usually it's still snowed in until July.) It was not like I've ever seen it - seemingly barren, but with incredible beauty still.

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Another Yosemite Falls pic   Yosemite Falls as seen from Parking Log  Yosemite Falls
There were way too many beautiful photos to be taken of Yosemite Falls! The center photo is taken from Yosemite Lodge's parking lot. When you stay at Yosemite Lodge, you are quite close to the falls, and can hear them roar at night! (Nothing is quite so glorious).

Merced from Swinging Bridge
The Swinging Bridge was a great spot to take many pictures of the Merced, Yosemite Falls, and much more
Fat squirrel
What would Yosemite be without the mooching squirrels who hope you'll feed them your leftover lunch? (Don't feed them, though - it is against Park rules!)
Merced River
Near the Merced River. A meadow in Yosemite Valley, where some water (from melted snow) has pooled to make a lovely scene!

Sentinel Rock, Cook's Meadow
Sentinel Rock, taken from Cook's Meadow.

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