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Welcome to my Yosemite photos site!

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I created Bearclover.net primarily so I could showcase my rather massive collection of Yosemite photos in one place. I have put up way too many web sites, in way too many places, many on Yosemite. It was ridiculous!  I needed a central web site.  So, I started bearclover.net.

I also needed to update my Yosemite Wallpaper pages - I had created a wallpaper page on another Yosemite site a while ago, but I fear that the images were not such good quality. Now, armed with Photoshop, I have created a somewhat higher quality wallpaper page for this site as well. (And it'll be growing, oh yes, growing..).

I like to paint, so one of the most enjoyable things I do in Yosemite is paint little watercolors on location.

I returned from my annual Yosemite trip - I visited May 2001. I have started to put up a lot of photos from this recent trip. I also have finally gotten around to getting my Black and White Yosemite photos published on their own page! So much to do, so much to do...


Tuolumne  Wawona Hotel grounds  Merced River, in Yosemite Valley

Some images from my Yosemite photo collection: L-R: A scene in Tuolumne Meadows, the lawn of Wawona Hotel, and Merced River in Yosemite Valley.

I have taken so many Yosemite photos over the years. It is a relief to finally have them stored in one central place!  I will be frequently adding these pages, with more and more Yosemite pictures. I'm always developing a new roll of film, or taking another trip to Yosemite. It's endless!

One of my favorite photo spots is Cook's Meadow in Yosemite Valley. Half Dome is always a favorite subject. El Capitan, Yosemite Falls, Glacier Point, Mirror Lake, Wawona, Tuolumne Meadows - love 'em all.

So, if you just wanna see the pictures, go to my Main Yosemite Pages!


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