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Many of the photos on this site are available as stock photography. I am still working out all the details of how I will do this, but I can start by giving some basic information.

First off, a bit of information about the majority of these photos: They are shot with a 35mm SLR camera (either a 20-year-old Olympus or a new Vivitar). I usually use Kodak Gold 100 ASA film, or Kodachrome 64 ASA slide film. I have a very nice scanner which will make near professional-quality scans. Not as good as a drum scan or other very high-end scanners, but extremely good by most standards. (See some excellent sample scans from my scanner, the Epson Perfection 3200.)

I can also FedEx the original transparency to certain clients. (Naturally, the prompt return of the transparency is expected.)

It is important to mention here that most photos on this site are available as stock photography. A few are not available for distribution. However, I approximate that about 90 - 95% of the photos on this site are available for use. Even the few that are not available for distribution in a higher resolution format may still available for use as web-ready images (as they are seen on this site).

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My prices will vary depending on the use of the photo, and also the resolution of the image file (the higher the resolution, the higher the price). However, I consider my prices to be pretty reasonable.

Personal projects (like a small, personal web page) will be lower in price, advertisements or magazine articles will demand a higher fee. Prices can range from $15 to $50, to $500 - $1000+ (depending on the specific use of the photo). The price also varies depending on the size of the image file. Low-resolution, web-ready images will have a lower fee than higher-resolution image files. The best way to find out what my rates will be is to fill out the form below, describe how you wish to use the photo, and ask for a quote.

Buyers can pay for the use of photos with checks, money orders, cashiers checks, and PayPal (where you can use credit cards like MasterCard or Visa). I also have a "shopping cart" in "beta testing".

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Exceptions and other terms of use:

It is acceptable for the home user to print out 1 (one) copy of no more than 6 (six) unique and different photographs from this site, for personal use. (Printed out on their own ink-jet printer, displayed on the wall or office, saved in a notebook, etc.) I consider this "extremely moderate" personal use, for which I don't expect a fee. I enjoy sharing these photos, and don't have a problem with someone printing off a few of them, for personal enjoyment. I am especially mindful of the student or teacher who wants to use my photos for a school-related project. It is perfectly acceptable for teachers or students to use my images as long as they comply with the "fair use" regulations of copyright law.

Also note - it is not acceptable for anyone to publish any of my photos (at any size or resolution) on a web site (personal, school-related, or otherwise) without first buying the rights to use the photo. Please fill out the request form below if you would like to use any of these photos on a web site.

It is completely unacceptable for you to "hotlink" to any image on this site. "Hotlinking" is when you merely copy the location of one of the graphics on my server, and then "swipe" the graphic at its current location for display on your web page (or a message board, online journal, etc.). I have ways of detecting hotlinkers, and I have ways of making them stop. You may end up being embarrassed when I discover your theft, so please don't try it. When you "hotlink," not only do you violate my copyright, you are actually leeching my bandwidth—something I must pay for. I can get pretty irritated by this practice. Most webmasters do.

Also note that all my desktop wallpaper is free—as desktop wallpaper. It is not to be used for any other project. If you wish to use a wallpaper image as anything other than wallpaper, please fill out the form below to inquire about the specific image. (Note: A few of my patriotic wallpaper graphics may not be available for sale, or will only be available for limited use.)

Also, I want to emphasize that just because I sell limited use of my photos, it does not mean I give up the copyright. It is understood that when someone "rents" the use of my photos for the specific use (that they define in the form below), they will give me credit as the photographer. Alternatively, they can credit Bearclover.net (as in "photograph © Bearclover.net"). Any photos used online should also include a link (as in "photograph © Bearclover.net").

It is important that you understand the licensing of these images. Please read the license agreement, which gives more specific details on licensing.

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Requesting a Quote:

Thank you for your interest in my photography! I will try to email you a response promptly. If you are interested in using one or more of my photographs, you can fill out this generic feedback form (you will be returned to Bearclover.net after you finish the form). Please give your email address so I can respond to your request, and please specify which photo(s) you are interested in. Thanks!

If you do not wish to submit your request using this form (or if it is not functioning properly) please email your questions to: bearsclover AT mac DOT com. (Sorry for not giving a direct email link, but I tire of the spam bots harvesting my email addresses.)

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