Field of California Poppies

Field of California Poppies

California Poppies 2003

Lush poppies—photo taken in 2003.

A friend of my sister's and mine, Ray Maynard, took these beautiful poppy photos. I asked him if it was OK if I published some of his fabulous wildflower and poppy pictures on, and he graciously agreed.

Ray's an enthusiastic fan of the beautiful wildflowers that blanket the California hills in the Spring. A lot of Californians are—my sisters and I grew up looking forward to annual family outings to see the wildflowers. What a treat it is to see these flowers completely cover a field with bright, vibrant colors.

Ray's got plenty more pictures to share; I'm just lazy getting them up on this page! So look back periodically for California Poppy Updates. You won't be disappointed!

By the side of the road—more poppies!

Gorman, CA, poppies and lupins.

The small town of Gorman, up the 5 freeway, always shows off lots of beautiful wildflowers.

Field O' Poppies, Gorman CA.

Another view of poppies and lupins on a hillside near Gorman, California.

Wildflowers along the road near Gorman, CA.

Alongside the 5 freeway (about an hour north of Los Angeles) near Gorman—beautiful wildflowers!

You can reach Ray Maynard at "maynard9 AT". (I'd make a link for his email address, but he doesn't need to get the kind of spam that I'm getting!)

Please note: All the images on these pages are copyrighted by the photographer (Ray Maynard). The photographer retains all rights to these photos. Please do not publish them without his permission.

If you are interested in using or publishing any of these photos, please contact Ray at the above email address to discuss terms and prices for the use of any of his photos.


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