Pottery and Ceramics

Ceramics thrown on the potter's wheel.

Cowboy Plate, earthenware cup

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Hello!  I am J.R. Dunster, and have been creating pottery for some years now. I especially like to decorate my pottery with designs and colorful glazes. I do a lot of floral designs on my pottery - and then there is the "Cowboy" series of plates and mugs! (To the left is an example of one of my "Cowboy" mugs.)

I created Bearclover.net to consolidate my many interests - art, travel, and also pottery. Sometimes my passion for one thing bleeds over into another area - I have done watercolors of Yosemite, for instance (combining my love for art, and Yosemite!)


An example of a "leaf mug" - midrange stoneware, fired oxidation (in an electric kiln) and decorated with various oxides and underglazes.  I made the mug on the potter's wheel.  All my pottery is food-safe - no fears of lead poisoning!  Also, some of my stoneware pottery is microwavable.  My ceramics are safe to put in the dishwasher, as well.

This site has several pages showing my pottery (earthenware, stoneware, etc.) but also has pages which describe the techniques I use, including specific clays, glazes, and potter's wheels. I even have a "Pottery for Newbies" page, which is written to give an "overview" of pottery for those people interested in getting into pottery themselves.


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Dick Blick Art Materials
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