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Portrait drawn with PhotoshopWelcome to my portrait art page!  I am J.R. Dunster, and have been drawing and painting portraits for a very long time. I like drawing other things, but portraits are definitely my favorite. My preferred mediums are - well, just about anything. From oils to colored pencils, to digital.

These days I use a lot of colored pencil - and also, Photoshop! (To the left is an example of a drawing created in Photoshop.) I am learning how to use my digital drawing tablet and draw on my computer, with programs like Photoshop and Corel Painter. But - nothing will be quite the same as a pad of paper and a pencil (or paintbrush, or pen)!

I already have a portrait tutorial site on Geocities.   It seems to be pretty well established tutorial, so I won't move it. But - I'm working on making a comprehensive portrait site here as well!  Not only about drawing faces, but a little bit about using Photoshop and other digital imaging programs on the computer.  (Not that I am an expert on Photoshop, but I get around adequately when "drawing" with it!)

I have already started a Photoshop Fun page, which shows off some fun Photoshop techniques I've learned. I've even written a little Photoshop Portrait Tutorial. I also give some tips and advice about drawing portraits (using more traditional techniques) on my "Portraits for Newbies" pages.

I started Bearclover.net to consolidate all my various interests - nature photography, art, and pottery. I have had way too many web pages scattered about the 'Net for too long, on all these varied interests - so Bearclover.net is my solution. I'll put all these various interests on one central site!

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