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Photoshop Text Fun!

Making fun text effects with Photoshop has become a personal favorite. And with Photoshop's new "Styles" palette, making great-looking text is easier than ever! (You can use Photoshop "styles" with Photoshop 6, 7, Photoshop CS, and Photoshop Elements.)

Here are some really easy and fast Photoshop text effects. Actually, I confess - I got the idea for them from Scott Kelby's "Down and Dirty Tricks" book. (Kelby runs NAPP - the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. I'm a member, and I recommend it!) A lot of the text effects I've tried recently have been inspired by this book! It's great fun!

If you want to find out how to do these easy effects, get the book and try them out.  This excellent book has just been updated for Photoshop CS, but I created these specific effects while using the Photoshop 6 edition. (Down and Dirty Tricks is also available at!)

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Some more fun effects. This graphic was made using Photoshop's "Styles". I adjusted the settings on the gradients, bevel and emboss, drop shadow, and more. I created my own custom "Style", which I saved via Photoshop's "Preset Manager". I can use this effect again and again, with just a click of a mouse. I then used the "warp text" function (a feature introduced in Photoshop 6) to distort the text.

I followed instructions in NAPP's Photoshop User Magazine to get this effect. This goes beyond the "Layer Styles" function. I needed to use multiple layers to get this effect. You can also check out NAPP's Down and Dirty Tricks" book (for Photoshop CS) to learn more fun Photoshop text tricks! (If you are still using Photoshop 7, check out the Photoshop 7 version of "Down and Dirty Tricks".)

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I feel almost guilty showing these text effects. They look great, but took almost no effort on my part! All I did was type in my text, choose a font, and then click on one of the Styles in the Styles Palette. Poof! The effect is there! All preset Styles I used are on the bundled CD that came with the Photoshop 6 Wow! book. (The current incaration of this book is for Photoshop CS.) This is a great book, and the CD is full of goodies. Lots of Styles, Gradients, Patterns, and Actions! Too much fun!

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