My old faithful car, which has taken me to Yosemite, Sequoia, to see the California poppies, redwoods, etc.

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My little Dodge Colt...

Yeah, yeah, it's a little geeky to make a tribute page to my car... But I was just tinkering around with Photoshop one night, and came up with the idea for this graphic! When I first designed it, I thought my car had gone belly-up, so I put the closing date as 2001. But now it looks like it has a reprieve, so I've changed its closing date to "200?" since I no longer know what year will be its last. Presumably it'll die sometime in this century, though!

It has been a great little car. A 1987 Dodge Colt, sedan, 4 door. I bought it used, when it was one year old. It has taken me to Yosemite countless times. And to see the wildflowers (up in Gorman), to Idyllwild, to Sequoia, even to Colorado and Wyoming - just everywhere. It has been a great, faithful car. I have plastered its backside with bumper stickers from everywhere I've been. I don't want to get rid of it, but sooner or later, I know I will have to. I come from a family who drives the wheels off of their cars - we don't trade them in for new models every few years. We like to take our cars on long road trips, which really puts the on the mileage!

I am not really one to get sentimental about a car. Cars are usually just things to get me around from point A to point B. And after all, this is not exactly a "sexy" or "glamorous" sports car. But you know, when you've had a car this long, it starts to develop a personality. And you start to get attached to it. Well, at least I have.

When I first made this tribute page, I thought I'd seen the last of my little Dodge Colt. But my mechanic now says it still has hope, and with a little nursing, maybe it'll last a few more years! I am so pleased. I wasn't quite ready to say good-bye to my little car just yet! However, I don't think it'll be taking me on any more long trips. I just use it to get to work these days. When I take a longer trip (like to the mountains) I will probably use a different car.

Whenever I have to get a new car, it will probably be a Dodge as well. I'd like it to be a small little 4 door sedan, like my Dodge Colt. My new little car will undoubtedly end up plastered with bumper stickers, and will end up taking me to a lot of beautiful places!