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Mac Mini Unveiling Photos

January 31 , 2005

Computer Speed Comparisons: The Macintosh Mac Mini vs. Other Systems

Apparently it's some sort of tradition for us Apple fans to take photos of the opening of our new Macintosh computers (or at least of a new model of Mac). So, since I'm an "early adopter" of the Mac Mini, I took some photos of it as I opened the shipping box. However, others have taken far more interesting (and timely) Mac Mini photos than I, so to create some special interest, I took all photos with cats. Yes, if you are a cat lover and Macintosh fan, this page is for you. Let's get started.

This is the Mac Mini packing box as it arrived to my door. Pictures taken on an old table in the basement (yes, we are slobs). The cat featured is Missy, a rather small female cat with a thin, rope-like tail. As you can see, this is a pretty small box for a computer!

Ooh! The top of the box has been opened, and the special customized styrofoam that encases the Mac Mini box can be seen. Missy seems very interested.

Now we see the special Mac Mini case taken out of the box, but with the protective styrofoam still intact. Missy's attention span is starting to fade at this point.

Missy got distracted by the food bowl, so fellow orange cat, Tangie, steps in. He's a moon-faced orange cat of questionable heritage. Here we see the Mac Mini's carrying case open, exposing the Mac's installation and restore disks, along with a copy of iLife '05 (green DVD). The Mac Mini is protected with transparent plastic cover, so its surface will not get dirty or marred.

The top layer of styrofoam is removed, along with the enclosed DVDs and documentation, showing the Mac Mini! Tangie thinks it smells interesting.

Tangie is satisfied now, with a job well done. By his tail is the Mac Mini, still protected by the transparent plastic covering. The top part of the Mini's styrofoam contains the DVD software backup disks and iLife '05. Inside the box you can see some power cables and the VGA adapter.

I did a quick-and-dirty comparison between my Mac Mini and my other computers (both Macintosh and PC). See the Lame Mini Benchmarks. >>


I made a pathetic little movie (Quicktime required) "slide show" of the Mac Mini and Cats experience. This has got to be the biggest waste of time ever, but if you are curious, you can view it:

Mac Mini & Cats (Quicktime streaming, 1 MB) | Broadband version (3 MB)

This pitiful effort was created in iMove HD. I really have no clue how to use iMovie, I just tinkered around with it a little. It was pretty easy! The musical score (I use the term loosely in this case) was created by me, in Apple's iLife application, Garageband (which is very newbie friendly and which I highly recommend). © JR Dunster, 2005

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