Sequoia National Park photos. Photography of Redwoods, Moro Rock, Sequoias.
Sequoia Photos

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Moro Rock
Moro Rock - as seen when driving up to the Park.
Hume Lake
Beautiful Hume Lake.

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I hadn't realized how much I missed Sequoia! I need to visit more frequently. It wasn't very crowded at all, on a weekday in May. The weather was hot, but for some peculiar reason, a sudden cloudburst came and went during my first evening there.

Sequoia was also a favorite vacation spot when I was a kid. And I remember when I first really got serious about photographing everything, I burned up plenty of rolls of film at Sequoia! It's a beautiful place.

Mossy Trees in Sequoia Grove
In a sequoia grove, a lot of trees collect moss!
Redwoods in Sequoia Grove
Big trees!
Sunset - on the road down
On my drive up to Sequoia, I took this shot. I don't know the name of the mountains, but they looked lovely in the evening light.

Road from Sequoia
Another beautiful picture I took on route to the Park.

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