Ssalvation Mountain
Salvation Mountain - Niland, California

Salvation Mountain is actually an amazing labor of love created out in the California Desert. Folk art visionary Leonard Knight decided he needed to express his religious feelings in a big way.

He has painted this small mountain (in a place called "Slab City") outside the town of Niland, California, which is located near the Salton Sea.

Leonard Knight in front of Mountain
Salvation Mountain's creator, Leonard Knight shows a placard from the Folk Art Society of America.

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In May 2001, I had visited the Salton Sea. While there, I had been urged to see Salvation Mountain, since it was so close by (only a half hour's drive). Following instructions friends gave me, I found Slab City out in the middle of nowhere, a few minutes from Niland. But I could see Slab City coming up ahead on the road - you can't miss Salvation Mountain!

I got out of my car, and started taking pictures of Salvation Mountain. I didn't see anyone around at first. But then I saw Leonard Knight working on the Mountain, using what appeared to be some sort of farm equipment. Apparently that's what Leonard does all the time. He gets donations of acrylic paint and other supplies, and is always adding, adjusting, and "touching up" the Mountain. He is a marvel. A true folk artist. His labor of love has been compared to the Watts Towers, and other such famous folk art landmarks.

Another view of Salvation Mountain
Another detail of the main part of Salvation Mountain.
Close-up Salvation Mountain
Salvation Mountain! In the foreground you can see paint cans and other evidence of ongoing work.
Leonard's mailbox - Salvation
Leonard's mailbox. Every object in this place has been adorned with acrylic paint!

Interior of one of Leonard Knight's structures at Slab City
Interior of one of the adobe structures Leonard built. Every inch of it is covered with paint and embellishments!

Self Made Worlds
"Self-Made Worlds : Visionary Folk Art Environments"
(featuring Salvation Mountain) is available at

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