Leonard's tractor - used to make Salvation Mountain
Leonard Knight's Tractor! No item or object has been left looking plain.
Leonard's Trucks - also decorated
More of Leonard's vehicles. They look like they sometimes function as motor homes or trailers.

Leonard Knight appeared to be very sweet and humble. He was very welcoming to me when I dropped by to take pictures. He is passionate about keeping the Mountain going. He is worried about government interference, because he's had trouble in the past. (Once Salvation Mountain was almost torn down.) He seems quite earnest about getting support, "getting the word out." However, Leonard is not aggressive, or "in your face" with his message. He is a gentle man, with a deep desire to keep this project going.

Some major crafts organizations have offered him support, and recognition. He proudly showed me placards and magazine covers that were about Salvation Mountain. There's even a petition floating around to gather more support, and to stave off government interference.

He graciously accepted the small donation I gave him, but in no way solicited anything. The money I gave will go for more paint, I am sure. I wish I could have given more! He also accepts paint and supplies as donations. His whole project is quite inventive and ingenious. It is a vibrant, colorful work of true folk art. I certainly am rooting for Leonard Knight. I think what he has done is such a beautiful addition to the desert!

Another website has criticized Leonard Knight, and claim that he is doing all of this for the money. Personally, I have a difficult time believing this. Knight lives very sparsely and in very humble conditions. There doesn't seem to be anything phony about him. When I visited him, there was no one else around, yet he was busy and engrossed with his work on the Mountain. It took me a while to attract his attention. It was very hot and very dry that day, but his focus and dedication was steadfast. To me, these are the actions of someone who is devoted to a great project. These are not the actions of someone who is "in it for the money."

Boat on Waves of Salvation Mountain
On the front of Salvation Mountain, there is an "ocean" area, with a boat. The boat looked real to me. Pretty interesting effect.
Detail of Salvation Mountain
A close-up of the main part of Salvation Mountain.

Another view of Salvation Mountain
Another view of the main part of the Mountain.

Trucks and Salvation Mountain
Leonard's trucks, with Salvation Mountain in the background.

Check out
this interesting site, which has an interview with Leonard Knight.

Self Made Worlds
"Self-Made Worlds : Visionary Folk Art Environments"
(featuring Salvation Mountain) is available at Amazon.com

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