Downtown Carmel
Downtown Carmel shops.
Downtown Carmel
Another view of Carmel's downtown.

Carmel, California!

I never seem to be able to spend much time in this fun little beach town. Carmel (famous for having Clint Eastwood as its mayor for a spell) is a great little touristy town. It's a little bit South of San Francisco. It has lots of beautiful shops (I love the pottery shop) and quaint buildings. Parking is hard to find, so prepare to wait to find a spot!

Downtown Carmel has a bus system!
Downtown Carmel has a bus system! (This photo is a bit strange - for some reason, it ended up looking a bit "arty" - a little like it is a painting, not a photo. Don't know why.)

Marina Motel 6
I know this is strange - but I took this photo at the Marina Motel 6! It had a beautiful little garden and fountain. Marina very near Monterey, and is a short drive away from Carmel.

Carmel building
A structure in Carmel - I don't know if it is a private residence, or a shop. I just thought it made a pretty photo.
Carmel Flagpole
A flagpole flies at the corner of one of Carmel's streets.

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