Van Damme Park - gulls
Gulls gather around Van Damme Park on Highway One.
Van Damme Park - seashore
Seashore along Highway One - Van Damme Park

California Pictures - seashores, oceans, beaches!

I seem to always stop at the Van Damme State Park. I guess it's because the other "tourist" spots along that stretch of highway (like Albion) have no bathrooms! So I always end up at Van Damme. But, that's fine, since the photos I take there are always lovely!

I also am fond of the little tourist town of Mendocino. I can always find a nice friendly shop to browse in. And, no matter what time of year, California poppies are always in bloom at Mendocino! (Or so it seems!)

View of the ocean, from the town of Mendocino
The view of the seashore from the main street of Mendocino.

Seashore along Highway One
Seashore - beach along California's Highway 1.

Nice shop along the main street of Mendocino
Shops along the main street of Mendocino, along California's Highway 1.
Van Damme Park - waves lap up on seashore
Waves lap along the shore of Highway One, at Van Damme Park.

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