Disney's California Adventure - photos taken inside the park.Disney's California Adventure

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Angels Flight Mural - CA Adventure
A wonderful mural of Angels Flight - the famous slanted railway in downtown L.A.

Sun Fountain - California Adventure
The Sun Fountain. This seems to be California Adventure's "centerpiece" (sort of like the Cinderella Castle is the "center" of Disneyland). It is quite beautiful.

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There was so much to see (and photograph) in California Adventure - I only show a fraction of it here. I will eventually process the rest of my photos and include them on this page.

I loved Hollywood Pictures Backlot (having spent many hours seeing movies and hanging out at the real Hollywood!) but I did love a ride that was in nearby Condor Flats. "Soarin' over California" is one of those 3-D virtual reality rides, where you feel like you are flying over many scenic spots in California. The photography was realistic and beautiful, and the whole experience was enhanced by a "wind" effect, and certain scents and smells! I LOVED it. I want to go again soon! The ride was "hosted" (on video) by "The Tick" star Patrick Warburton - an interesting choice, but he did a great job.

I can never get over the sense of humor evident in all the little details. Like all these storefront windows I show here. The artistry and humor are brilliant. I wanted to honor these unnamed "Imagineers" who thought up some of these great little details!

'Dial M for Muscle'
Hollywood Pictures Backlot health spa "Dial 'M' for Muscle". In the back you see the painted on building, clouds and sky from the flat backdrop.
Fly-N-Buy Shop
In Condor Flats (near Hollywood Pictures Backlot) a shop called "Fly'n'Buy" has the "aviation" theme.
'LaBrea Carpets' - get it?  get it?
Another example of the Disney sense of humor. The carpet store in Hollywood Pictures Backlot is called "LaBrea Carpets". (Get it? Get it? Oh, come on, you get it, right?)

Steps of Time showing at the Hyperion
"Steps of Time" shows at the Hyperion Theater in Hollywood Pictures Backlot. (See where the "real" sky peeks out behind the painted sky and clouds, up in the upper right corner?)

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