Yosemite Road Trip Day 4

Yosemite Road Trip - May 2001

Sequoia TreesDay Four

I will elaborate completely on Day Four, when I recover from Curry Village's tent cabins!

Suffice it to say, I made it home safely. I took lots of pictures in the morning. Getting all my stuff (I am always a packrat) out of the Curry Village Tent was a chore. I had to make sure I checked out early enough to do something before leaving the park! And I almost forgot to empty out my bear-proof locker of the food (and TaB, my personal miracle beverage) that I'd stored there.

I wandered around the Valley, taking lots of photos. I did a little shopping at the Yosemite Lodge store. On the way down from the Valley, I stopped at the Wawona Hotel gift shop and grocery store. There I bought a few more goodies. I also dropped off some mail at the Wawona Post Office. I always make a point of stopping off at Wawona when I am leaving the Park. I am able to d-r-a-g out my sad departure a little longer, by lingering at Wawona for a spell.

I left Wawona in mid-afternoon. I returned to the L.A. area at about 9 pm. It was a wonderful trip to Yosemite, Curry Village cabins notwithstanding.


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