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Welcome to my CA pictures site!

I created this site to house my ample collection of California photography. I just take way too many pictures!  I especially like to travel up the California coast - up Highway 101 and the scenic (and famous) Highway 1.  I really burn up the film there, the scenery is just so stunning!

I started primarily to showcase my travel photos - of Yosemite and also other parts of California. So many areas of my home state are very beautiful. I especially love the Sierra Mountains, and the beaches of California - like Van Damme beach,and the little Highway One coastal town of Albion. Also - the lovely towns of Carmel, and Ferndale.

I just returned from a very nice trip throughout the Golden State. I have photos pages of Sequoia National Park, the Salton Sea, and California Poppies (at Gorman, California). I am also quite proud of the "Salvation Mountain" web pages I've made. ("Salvation Mountain" is this incredible and unique example of folk art - created out in the middle of the desert! A sight to see!)

I seem to be adding new photos pages all the time. So come back soon! And check my substantial Yosemite photos section while you're here!


Carmel CA flowerpots  Beach scene near Cambria  Lighthouse

L-R Thumbnail images: Flower pots of store in Carmel, California.  A beach scene near Cambria, up Highway One.   An ocean scene with lighthouse, up Calif. coast.

These pictures were taken during a recent trip up the California coast, in the Fall. I especially like making these trips in the Fall - the weather is fine, the crowds are gone, and in some coastal areas, the California Poppies are still blooming!


To see MANY more pictures, go to the main California Photos Page.

In the planning stages - California Scenery Wallpaper - in all the popular monitor resolutions! I already have a Yosemite National Park Wallpaper page.



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