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Many thanks to all the considerate people who gave me these awards.

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"This site has been awarded the @omic Silver award for web design. Awards are given on the grounds of utility, navigation, design, content and use of technology.

To see what we thought of this site visit our award winners page."

Thank you so much for your thoughtful assessment of my site! And thanks for the award.

Eyes Award8/16/01

"I have found your photos and your site to be worthy of an 'eyes' award.
Therefore, I am pleased to inform you that you have been awarded the :

award name: Silver Eyes"

Thanks so very much! What a lovely award!

Mac OS Awards8/18/01

"Dear JR,
I am pleased to advise you that your web site, Bearclover, has won the Best of the Web for MacOS Silver Award for Web Site Excellence. This is one of our highest honours for a Macintosh web site, and an Award that must be earned.

Thanks you for submitting for the Best of the Web for MacOS Awards. It is only with the assistance of other Macintosh enthusiasts that we are able to bring sites like yours to the attention of others in the community.

Kind regards, from the land of wombats, waratahs,
wallabies and wichity grubs :)"

Thanks SO much! What a fabulous honor!

Gemini Awards8/17/01

"Hello J.R.,
Thank you for submitting your site to The Gemini Awards. I enjoyed your site very much and am delighted to present you with the Silver Gemini Award. You are the first winner of the silver award, an achievement well worth having no life for I'm sure you will agree! :o)

I especially liked your site's graphics and attractive presentation. I felt the rich greens used complemented your nature photography theme superbly and gave the site a warm welcoming feel. I also admire the way your pages contain so many beautiful photographs but still load quite quickly. It is clear that you have put enormous time and effort into tailoring your material to the medium of the web, something which is often ignored.

The simplicity of your design makes it strong. Your site is easy to navigate thanks to the consistent graphical and textual links throughout. It is also extremely well coded, right down to the title, meta and alt tags.

A suggestion would be to explain exactly what and where Yosemite is on the home page. I know that this information is provided on the visiting page, but as an Irish viewer, I had never heard of it. I could tell it was a national park, but its location and size was a bit of a puzzle at first! However, this is only a minor quibble. Most of your visitors probably know all about it!  :o)

The quantity and quality of photos is amazing. It is wonderful that you manage to add more and more of them so often. The addition of other elements besides your artwork, like the Photoshop and Diary sections, also works well. While I would guess that many visitors come for the photos, there is much more to keep them entertained. Your personality shines through in your personal writing style and the warmth of your site.

Overall, your site was a pleasure to visit."

Thank you so very much! I am most honored to be your first Silver Award Winner. All those hours of foresaking my life for this site have been well worth it!  ;-)

Catshark Awards8/19/01

"On behalf of myself and my evaluators I would like to present you with our Golden Catshark Award!

Your site was a pleasure to visit and shows the high standards, hard work and love you put into every detail. Well done!! We especially enjoyed the wonderful original watercolors as well as the gorgeous photos."

Thank you so very much! What a beautiful award!




Glass Flower Award8/20/01

"We (The Glass flower Awards team) would like to give you our heartiest Congratulations! You won! Your site is beautiful, and we would be very honored if you would accept The Bronze Iris award. Your images of Yosemite make us want to go visit. Your art work is lovely as well as your pottery.

We're very excited to see what's "new" in time to come. Thank you for the honor of inviting us to your site."


Thanks so much for this lovely award!