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Many thanks to all the considerate people who gave me these awards.

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A Woman's Touch7/30/01

"Hello J.R.,
Congratulations! The judges found your site deserves the AWT award you applied for."

Thank you very much! I am very pleased!

Pharaoh Awards8/03/01

"After thoroughly reviewing your website, the Pharaoh
Awards evaluation team has made a decision to honor
you with one of our awards."

Thank you so very much! What a lovely award!

EyeCatcher Award8/04/01

"Hello J.R.,

I am proud to honor your with my Respect!
Your Collection of Yosemite Pictures is pure Eyecandy.

Please accept the attached Eyecatcher™ Respect!-Badge
for Your beautiful work.

Dwayne Miller"

Thanks so very much! I am very honored.

Otakou Award8/04/01

"Dear J.R.,

Your web site " " has given much pleasure to us during the evaluation process and we were impressed with the standard of quality you provided for viewing. It is not easy to earn awards from our Program, as may be seen from our on-site statistics, but your web site stands out as one of the best and it gives me great pleasure to send you your new Award which you will find attached to this e-mail.

We are fully aware that much time and effort goes into the creation of web sites and we hope that you will view your new Award as a reflection of your achievement. We thank you for inviting us to visit with you and for your assisting through your web site to make the World Wide Web a more pleasant place for all who use the Internet."

Thank you so very much! What an honor!

Winner of The Idiom Sisters Award for Content-Rich Sites8/04/01

"Congratulations on winning The Idiom Sisters Content-Rich Award! Your site is a delightful potpourri of visual delight. Your photography is excellent, but I am especially taken with your pottery and landscape watercolors. Nice job of organization, pleasant, chatty mood. Your father must have been very proud of you. You were blessed to have his encouragement!"

Thank you so much! Bless your heart for all your kind words.