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Many thanks to all the considerate people who gave me these awards.

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Highpower Graphics7/26/01

"Thank you for the invite to your site. It is Great!!
Congrats on winning High Power Graphics' Award of Excellence!"


Thank you very much!

Kaketoe Planet7/23/01

"Congratulations, you are a winner of one of my "Gold Web Awards". Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to review your site for an award.

You have a wonderful site and you are a great addition to the web! Beautiful pictures! Very nice! "

Many thanks to you. What a fabulous award!

DRH Design7/28/01

You have been awarded the DRH Design Merit for 2001
Rated 3.0"

Thanks very much!

Mesweet Awards7/29/01

"Hello J.R.,

For the month of July there were 76 applications for Mesweet's Awards. Out of the 76 applications only 9 have been chosen to receive Mesweet's Awards.

I am happy to say your site was one of the 9 chosen and has won Mesweet's Bronze Award.

I especially enjoyed the tutorials you did. You were sharing your knowledge with others and I always apprciate that when I visit a site. You are a wonderful photographer and I thank you for displaying such beauty. Your pictures are very eye pleasing. You have created a wonderful site."

Thanks so very much!