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Many thanks to all the considerate people who gave me these awards.

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Timber Carvers  Timber Carvers


"I have never been to Yosemite, before visiting your Web Site, but now I have.. I want to go pack my bags, thanks for sharing your site. Display these Awards with Pride you have earned them!!!!"

What absolutely lovely awards. Thanks so very much!

Beautiful Nautre Site Award

"Congratulations!!! I visited your site and am happy to present you with My Beautiful Nature Site Award. You did a wonderful job on your site and deserve an award. The way I give my awards is to match up the award with the type of site the Candidate has. The award you applied for is intended for a different type of site. You have the honor of having the nature award made just for you."

Thank you so much, Angel Rose! It is an absolutely stunning award. I really appreciate it!

The Red Paw Award7/20/01

"Congratulations! Here comes an award from Sweden. Thank you for applying for my award, I have enjoyed visiting your site."

Thanks so very much. What a nice award!

Collen's Corner7/21/01

"Thank you for visiting "Colleen's Corner Award Site" and applying for the awards. I enjoyed my visit to your site,, so very much. Your pages are all wonderfully done with very interesting and creative content. Your photos and artwork are a pleasure to view and the tutorials are appreciated content. I am very pleased to offer you my Kool Site Award."

I really appreciate it! Thanks a lot!

Vicki's Place7/29/01

Thank you for your interest in my awards! I have viewed your site and it is with great pleasure that I present to you my "Webmistress Award"! Your hard work and love shows on every page and you are certainly deserving of this award."

Thank you very much!

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El Capitan Award

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