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Many thanks to all the considerate people who gave me these awards.

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Chamowners POTZ Award8/29/01

"I am pleased to present with the Gold POTZ award. The photos were beautiful, your passion clearly shows, and the tutorial section on Adobe Photoshop was educational. I especially like your tribute to your father. He must have been a great role model."

Thank you so much for your kind words, and this lovely award!

Bali Hai Persian Award8/29/01

"Hi there.
Wonderful, wonderful website with a lot of good shooting pictures with breathtaking nature.
I will give you silver award which is also hard to win.
Keep up the good work and have a nice weekend.
Stay happy. Lise"

Thank you very much for this award!

Graham Nash Awards9/12/01


Our Evaluation Panel have now completed their review of your site,, and I am delighted to be able to award you a Silver Graham Nash Awards of Excellence Award."

Thank you so much for this great award!

Maestro Awards9/01

"Dear Webmaster,

We are aware of the time and effort that goes into creating a successful web presentation. First of all, we thank you for inviting us to your fine website and the opportunity to review it. Your website was reviewed by one or more of our evaluators, and it gives me great pleasure to report that your application was successful, and present you with the MERIT MAESTRO AWARD OF EXCELLENCE!

You've received one of the finest awards currently available on the internet today. This award is rated 5.0 at Awards Sites (Premier rating system for Website Awards), and 5 Star at Paris Awards Club (The premier rating for European Awards)! A very good achievement indeed! "

Thank you so very much!

Red Stag Award9/28/01


Your site was reviewed by three of our judges and evaluated based on the standardized scoring highlighted in our program. After averaging the three totals, Bearclover scored 80 points - within the criteria established for the Red Stag Award in Bronze. Congratulations!

Having spent some time in Yosemite, your beautiful photos brought back nice memories. We also liked the clean, easily navigated interface. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and appreciate the opportunity to evaluate the site...thank you for inviting us!"