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Washington DC Train Station - detail
Detail of Washington DC Train Station, 1990

Downtown Washington DC, in April
Washington DC in April - 1990

These photos were taken in 1990 and 1991. I visited the East Coast in April of 1990. I took a cross-country train trip on the Amtrak. It went from Pasadena, California to Chicago, Washington DC, down the East Coast to Atlanta, through New Orleans, back up to Chicago, and back to Pasadena via Colorado. My oh my! It was some trip! I really enjoyed it, and hope to travel on the Amtrak again soon.

I had a stopover in Washington DC on my Amtrak trip. It was only about 7 hours, but allowed me some time to take photos around the DC area. I hope to dig out more of my pictures to include on this site, but I am very fond of the ones I have here.

I also stayed a few days in Atlanta to visit a friend (my Native Georgia Guide) who showed me some of Atlanta's sights. Alas, I need to dig out more Atlanta photos as well! I am most fond of my photo of the Big Chicken, which is a landmark of Marietta, Georgia (a suburb of Atlanta). This photo was taken during the Gulf War (1991), which is why the Big Chicken is adorned with a large US Flag.

Washington DC Mall - interior
Washington DC Mall - 1990

The Big Chicken - Marietta Georgia
If only every city had a landmark this funky and cool - "The Big Chicken", of Marietta Georgia! 1991
Atlanta Georgia - Cemetary, and Atlanta skyline
Atlanta Skyline with Cemetery in foreground, 1990

Atlanta back road
My Native Georgia Guide thought I was silly to take this picture, but I thought the back roads of Georgia were pretty. 1990.

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