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Yosemite - Patriotic Wallpaper
Half Dome & El Capitan - "America the Beautiful"

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Half Dome - Yosemite - Patriotic Wallpaper
Half Dome
"God Bless America - Land That I Love"

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I hope to create more scenic (and patriotic) wallpaper, but I hope this collection will suffice for now. You may notice that I didn't do a 640 x 480 resolution version on every wallpaper image. This is because I have been led to believe that very few of my visitors still use the 640 x 480 screen resolution. However, if I get enough requests for this lower resolution, I will probably reconsider and include more 640 x 480 wallpaper images.

To download your wallpaper, choose the appropriate resolution size. Then right-click (Control-click for Mac) to download to your hard drive. You can "Set as Wallpaper" on some browsers, but I think it is more prudent to download the wallpaper image first, and then set as wallpaper. These wallpaper image graphics are large - 100 - 200+ KB in size. I went for the highest quality I could!

El Capitan - America the Beautiful
El Capitan - "America the Beautiful"

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The same El Capitan image as above, with "God Bless America".

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New! These patriotic wallpaper designs have been so popular, I now have created some patriotic t-shirt designs.

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If you are looking for other kinds of patriotic graphics, I also have a "linkware" patriotic web graphics site you might want to check out.


Please note: Many of these pictures are digitally watermarked.  Any unathorized use of these photos is not permitted, and will be detected by me! Feel free to use any of these images as wallpaper for your computer, but please note that these photos are also available as stock photography. PLEASE DO NOT USE THESE GRAPHICS ON YOUR OWN WEB PAGES OR BLOGS WITHOUT PERMISSION—read my terms of use page for more details!

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