Yosemite National Park photos and pictures. Also, Yosemite Wallpaper, watercolors, B&W Yosemite, Catalina Island, and more!

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JR's Yosemite
J.R.'s Yosemite: An Homage to Yosemite National Park.

Yosemite FallsThis is a "mirror" of my original EarthLink "JR's Yosemite," which I first created in 1998, only a few months after getting my first computer. This site has gone through so many incarnations and changes (using different software, changing web graphics and layout), but at its core it's the same site that I published all those years ago. I decided it was time to "retire" that old site and move it to a nice new home here, on Bearclover.net.

Welcome!  This web page has been created to share my love for Yosemite National Park.  I am J.R. Dunster, a native Californian, and a lifelong fan (and chronic visitor) of Yosemite National Park.

Half Dome watercolorI have taken oodles of Yosemite photos over the years.  Also, since I am an artist, I usually do some little watercolor sketches while visiting.  Yosemite is a beautiful place to visit, whether you visit the Valley for only a few hours, or spend weeks camping out and hiking in the High Country.  Anyway, I hope you will browse around my "Homage to Yosemite" page, and take a peek at lots of Yosemite photos and art, and check out some good Yosemite links!

Half Dome in Fall  Sentinel Rock  Tuolumne River  

A few of my favorite Yosemite photos:

Half Dome in Fall, Sentinel Rock, and the Tuolumne River, in Yosemite's "High Country".

(Click on the above thumbnails to see a larger image.)

Here is my Main Menu:

  • See my Yosemite Photography and Art page, with some watercolor sketches I have done while visiting the Park, and lots of Yosemite photos.

  • More Yosemite Photos spilled onto this extra page!

  • To see some Black and White Yosemite photos, click to my B & W page.   (Ansel Adams I am not!  But, Yosemite stores sell so much black and white film, I could not  resist!)

  • New!  My Yosemite Wallpaper page!

  • Yosemite Lodging and Accommodations Info and Links.

  • Visit my Yosemite '98 Page---with some photos from an August '98 visit.

  • One of my web page visitors wanted to share some truly exceptional photos he took while he worked in Yosemite a few years ago.   I urge you to see these lovely and unique photos of Yosemite, on Ron's Yosemite page.

  • See my Yosemite Links page.  Some excellent links to must-see Yosemite sites.

  • Return to my Home Page.

  • As a sideline, I have made a little Catalina Island Page.  Catalina is this lovely little island off the Southern California Coast, and is worth a visit!  (Or two...or more!)

  • Recent Travels.  Features a few of the other places I have traveled to recently, including the California Coast, the charming Victorian Town of Ferndale, and even Atlanta Georgia.

  • See my Eclectic Links Page.   I have links on various subjects, and even have a "Newbie's Perspective on Web Authoring" page.


All photographs:  © J.R. Dunster, 1999-2005  All rights reserved.


(Much thanks to W. Thompson, for the design of my e-mail graphic!)

(Please note: If you want to copy any of my pictures on your hard drive, or keep them for personal use, I am most pleased to share them.  However, if you plan to put them on a web page of your own, I respectfully request that you e-mail me first.  I will most likely not have a problem with you publishing my pictures on your site, as long as you give me credit and also add a link back to this page!)

This page last updated: March 30, 2005

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